Digital portfolio management software

Digital Value Canvas Framework

The Digital Value Canvas® SaaS tool is a web-based application
to diagnose, design and discuss value contributions of digital products, initiatives and portfolios!

Optimize your digital portfolio!

The Digital Value Canvas® enables you to:

  • Commit on value ambitions
  • Discover project contributions
  • Steer value creations

Watch our DVC® introduction to see how you can master digital value creation!

The Digital Value Canvas® SaaS tool will support fast
and effective
portfolio management as well as communication.

Sound familiar?

Explaining how there is a lack of communication between top Management, portfolio owners and project managers regarding strategy and priorities.
  • Digital solutions trigger new challenges for management teams and require a dedicated portfolio management approach!

Find out how DVC® can maximize 

your return on digital investment!

Strategy for Return On Digital Investment
  • Fix your value ambiguity, broken communication, and missing link to strategy by applying the Digital Value Canvas®!

DVC® Framework: Understand the Digital Value Management Approach! 

Identify, align, and manage the value of digital initiatives with the Digital Value Canvas®.

Co-Creator of the DVC, Markus Anding

Markus Anding (Excubate Co-Founder & Managing Director) and Andreas Kallen (Excubate Manager)

Estimate value for digital products

Inner Ring: Direct commercial benefits

  • Digital product is sold for a specific price 
  • Digital product directly reduces cost (e.g. replacing a formerly manual process)

Middle Ring: Indirect, but quantifiable commercial benefits

  • Digital products can have effects on multiple elements of the core value chain 
  • Benefits can mostly be quantified

Outer Ring: Goodwill-type, less quantifiable benefits

  • Digital products can contribute to overall strategic business elements
  • These are typically not easily quantifiable but define long-term success

Want to learn more?

If you would like more in-depth explanations of the individual rings and canvas fields, 
read our three detailed articles on this topic!

DVC® SaaS Tool: Try it for free now!

The Digital Value Canvas® SaaS tool
will support fast and effective
portfolio management as well
as communication!

Portfolio Management software tool

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Do you need support in building a value-driven digital strategy?
Then let's discuss how to implement an overall approach to establish a recurring
process for digital portfolio management - from setup to quarterly adjustments.

DVC® is suitable for several management roles!

Digital Value Management delivers clear outcomes and strategic benefits for different roles & departments in your organisation. Find a selection of roles with their specific benefits below!

Parts of the Excubate and Digital Value Solutions team

Part of Excubate team in Cologne office

Is your role not listed?

Don't worry, if you're a COO, CFO, CIO, CHRO, UX designer, IT developer,
or digital product owner, we'll help you discover your unique benefits!

Further testimonials & references

  • "The Digital Value Canvas® has enabled us to clearly structure and map the value impact of our digital channels worldwide."
  • The Digital Value Canvas® methodology was part of the Digital-Kompakt leadership training at Kneipp, which focused on the challenges and opportunities of leading in the digital age.
  • The Digital Value Canvas® is part of the teaching at the renowned Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich. 

DVC® Pricing Options:
choose what suits your needs!

We offer three pricing options with individual scopes of functions and services.

Digital Value Canvas pricing for portfolio management software

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May we introduce
who is behind DVC®?

DVC® is a service offering of the Digital Value Solutions GmbH, an independently founded venture by Excubate. Excubate is a management consultancy and company builder in Cologne and Munich. We shape the digital transformation and innovation of our clients’ business models together with them by combining the best of both worlds – the corporate and the startup world.

Digital Value Solutions logo
Excubate logo

Excubate Office in Cologne

Excubate Office cologne.

  • The DVC® (“Digital Value Canvas®”) framework and web tool were developed by the management consultancy Excubate. The DVC® enables companies to map, align, and manage their (digital) products, initiatives/projects, and portfolios. Applying the DVC allows complete transparency of (digital) value creation and an effective communication process of respective value drivers. In the belonging software tool, the user can either assign a total of 100 points or enter business figures in the individual canvas fields to indicate the current state of digital initiatives, define a portfolio target state and highlight deviations between both.
  • Setting up the DVC® SaaS tool is very easy. Your DVC® account credentials are provided by our team in no time. After receiving access, you can start entering your first portfolios and projects. Fill in meta data, define current and target state to assess the value of your projects. You will be provided with a detailed user guide and in case of any questions we are happy to help!
  • In addition to individual DVC® introductions and trainings, we offer a holistic Digital Value Management approach, with DVC® at its core. This approach corresponds to a repeatable process for ongoing portfolio review and adjustment based on digital value creation and overall business objectives. If you are interested, feel free to contact us!
  • You will receive a monthly invoice with a payment term of two weeks. Alternatively, the payment amount is automatically debited from your company account.
  • Yes, your data is in safe hands with us! This has several reasons:
1) DVC® is a standalone solution without APIs, that means there is no data retrieval from CRM/MES – your data entry is completely user based.
2) Our valid SSL certificates enable secure transfer of information between website visitors and server.
3) The tool is hosted by the German hosting provider Hetzner, on Cloud servers in Germany. Hetzner operates access-controlled, high-security data center parks with uninterruptible power supply. If desired, an own company domain can be provided, running on its own database.
4) Except for name and e-mail address of user, no personal data is required. Just a necessary transfer of data is carried out in accordance with provisions of GDPR.
5) The web application is reliably protected against distributed denial-of-service attacks to ensure your use.

  • You just need a stable internet connection. You will have an instant online availability, there is no need for installation.
  • Yes. Since it is a cloud solution, the latest technical and functional feautures will be added to the offering on a regular basis. Updates happen automatically, without you having to do anything actively for them.
  • We are always keen to hear your ideas and feedback so feel free to contact us! While we’re at it, we are always looking for co-innovation partners. If your organization is interested in joining us in the development, please inform us as well!
  • At the moment there are no APIs available for the DVC® SaaS tool, but we will update you if we provide them in the future.

Markus Anding, Co-creator of the Digital Value Canvas

Markus Anding (Excubate Co-Founder & Managing Director)

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